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What Do Bernie’s Supporters Do Now?

This post was first published on www.LiberalAmerica.Org Bernie Sanders gave Hillary Clinton his full endorsement on July 12, 2016. As Tiffany Willis, founder of Liberal America, reported, many of the #BernieorBust activists refuse to follow him down that path. Folks have been discussing a few options: Backing Jill Stein and the Green Party; Holding their… Read more »

What should Sanders do now? Keep his word and fight for fair elections

Many of Sanders’s supporters now concede that Hillary Clinton is going to be the Democratic nominee and say that they will support her because the possibility of a President Trump is too awful to contemplate. There are some who believe that many of Clinton’s victories wouldn’t have been victories without… Read more »

Why won’t Sanders concede? Didn’t Clinton win?

On June 7, 2016, California, New Jersey and four other states held their primaries. Bernie’s campaign had high hopes for California, in particular.  In polling, the gap between Sanders and Clinton was within the margin of error. Then, on election day, Hillary Clinton appeared to win by about 15 percent of… Read more »

Could Vice President Joe Biden support Bernie Sanders for president?

According to the New York Times, Vice President Biden recently praised the ambition and vision of the Sanders campaign, contrasting it with the more incremental approach of Secretary Clinton.  “I like the idea of saying ‘we can do much more’ because we can,” Biden told the Times.  Democrats don’t win… Read more »