Shift Happens When I Least Expect It

I have always hated housework. I was heavily influenced by Pat Mainardi’s feminist essay, The Politics of HouseworkI felt it took away from worthwhile things I could be doing instead, things that would feel better and make me happier. But the fact remained that if no one did it, it didn’t get done. And in a loving household, sharing shouldn’t have to mean keeping score, or feeling unappreciated.

Work Is Love Made Visible

So recently I decided to add a little pleasure to housework. Put on some music, get happy. Suddenly, I remembered a quotation that was posted in the kitchen of the home of my friend’s yoga teacher, some 30 years ago:” Work Is Love Made Visible.”* And I found that it opened my heart.

I cleaned the kitchen as a way to love my family and myself. I thought about how we all deserved the peace that came with order and cleanliness. And that was a gift to all of us.

*I couldn’t remember the source of the quotation, if I ever knew it.  Actually, it was Kahlil Gibran in The Prophet.

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