Opposing Trump’s Agenda: Setting Priorities

Donald Trump put out so many deplorable executive actions in his first two weeks that it was hard to know where to start, what to respond to first. At least one writer has suggested that Trump’s rapid-fire activity is intended to knock us off balance and create “resistance fatigue“. I can believe it. I personally felt overwhelmed after the first ten days.

How to Decide?

Although Trump thinks he alone can turn the country around, I think most of us know that there are very few jobs that only one person can do. And no one of us can do everything. So I think each of us has to do what calls to us. That might mean making phone calls to your senators and representatives in Congress. It might mean sending financial support to the protesters at Standing Rock or to Planned Parenthood. The most important thing is to do something as often as possible.

Right now, for me, that’s opposing Betsy DeVos—and letting Senator Dick Durbin know that I’ll be likely to support his opponent in the next primary if he can’t get it together to vote against her. If you are an Illinois voter, please call Senator Durbin to let him know you’re watching, too.

Monday, when I called, his D.C. office (202-224-2152) answered with a recording that said their business hours were 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. “If you’re calling between those hours, please call back later.” Hey, thanks, Dick. I guess it’s an improvement over last week, when Durbin’s message box was full. Either way, the message is “I don’t really want to know what you have to say.” However, on Monday, a human being answered at his Chicago office, 312-353-4952, and graciously took my message.

The D.C. office also has a “vrs” line that purports to take a message. It appears on his web site, though the recording doesn’t tell you that it’s Durbin’s office.


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